Sense Key is a energetic onestop design & contracting company. Primarily noted for custom residential designs, International Interior Design’s list of commercial projects include Luxury House, Apartment, hotel, exhibition gallery, executive offices, Karaoke and Bars & Clubs. Projects have ranged from 100 square meters to 34,000 square meters, featuring remodeling and new construction.

Holan Wong, principle designer of Sense Key Design Limited , has 12 years of experience internationally in commercial and residential interior design. He credentials include professional certification in the HK Polytechnic University.

We have successfully completed international projects in such countries as Moscow, China, Taiwan and Thailand as well asnumerous projects nationally since 1997. We have provided complete project design services in upscale communities, famous people and HK artists such as HK Airport, Bergner Moscow, Mr. Janek (The Chairman of Bergner HK), Mr. David Gordon (The Chairman of Bergner Moscow), Mr. Condi Li (The Chairman of GCB HK)

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